William (uit Oeganda)


Onze eerste columnist die in het Engels zijn column uitsprak was William uit Oeganda, die tussen september en december te gast was van Shelter City Nijmegen. William is een mensenrechtenverdediger die zich inzet om het Zoka Forest Central Reserve in het noorden van Oeganda te behouden. Hij doet dit samen met collega's via de organisatie Friends of Zoka. Hij spreekt voor de bomen en beschermt de bossen die niet voor zichzelf kunnen spreken, maar die wel enorm belangrijk zijn voor ons. Soms is het lastig om het werk uit te kunnen voeren vanwege bijvoorbeeld bedreigingen. Hij blijft zich inzetten, omdat hij het heel belangrijk is om de natuur te behouden. Hij hoopt deze boodschap aan zoveel mogelijk mensen over te brengen.

In zijn column spreekt hij uit hoe zijn leven als mensenrechtenactivist ziet.


It is not about the believes, treatments, opportunities, and or feelings you get from your government or another human to have the freedom to enjoy, and or do what befits you, that you call it Human Rights, no! It is the indispensable freedom of identity and enjoyment of you in yourself in universality, this is Human Rights.

And it is this indispensability of the freedom in you, that I William is always enjoying giving in my life in the quest of a true realization and enjoyment of Human Rights.

I am an Environmental Human Rights Defender from Uganda. I speak for trees and defend forests that do not talk for themselves, but tremendously shape the comfort of our lives and nature across the Globe.

I believe, I speak for trees and forests not because I was born in nature, but because nature is born in me.

As a Human Rights Defender, I have chosen to dare the dark and most fearsome life of our time. I know perhaps by reading the inscription on my tombstone in future some brave sons or daughters of this World may be inspired to pick up the same spirit of shield to dare the same dark and most fearsome life of their time.

I am sometimes broken down with fear and insecurity, expecting the worst to occur even before it happens, I loose the humanity in me. It can be crippling many times because I anticipate trouble even though it may never happen. These realities however affects mood, and I can assure you, it does not affect it in a positive way, but generally rough and regrettable.

A World without Human Rights is a dark and intimidating world not worth defining and talking about.

As Human Rights Defenders, many times our efforts are often met and branded with skepticism, threats, torture, arrests, attacks, smear campaigns and in pain, death as well among the many untold realities always penned against us by those in privileged positions in our societies.

Any act of violation of Human Rights is a direct attack and violation of man and nature.

Without Human Rights, there can never be a platform that holds peace and justice in the World.

Without Human Rights, there can never be a universality of any sort of standard and development in the World.

Human Rights is the back born of our identity and the World.

Human Rights is a universality issue, it is a biodiversity issue, a health issue, an economic issue, a sexuality issue, is a political issue, is a social issue, a religious issue.

The list is endless, but we can conclusively affirm that it is an issue of Humanity.

Human Rights work is one of the most emotional and touching disciplined callings in the World to engage in, it takes humility, courage and sacrifice to under take such a noble calling.

We need to build more shared sameness of love and unity in our work as Human Rights Defenders in our different sectors of engagements, be it Environmental, LGBTQI, Indigenous peoples, Women Human Rights Defenders, Land Rights Defenders, and many others for a more effective and recognized space.

Human Rights guarantee us life, liberty, equality, and security, the means necessary to satisfy our basic needs, such as choice of sexuality, clean environment, food, housing, democratic dispensation, and education. Human Rights take full advantage of all opportunities for Humanity.

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