Voor de mensenrechten
  1. Human rights groups in Ireland are being unfairly targeted under a draconian law that can be used to criminalize campaigning organizations, Amnesty International Ireland said today. The organization could face a criminal investigation and possible prosecution after being told a foreign donation it received is prohibited by law. Amnesty’s Dublin office has been ordered to […]
  2. In een vandaag gepubliceerd rapport stellen Amnesty International en het Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI) dat de Nederlandse autoriteiten mensen onder inhumane omstandigheden vasthouden op speciale terrorismeafdelingen in De Schie en Vught. Gedetineerden werden onder andere buitensporig lang opgesloten in hun cel en moesten stelselmatig vernederende visitaties ondergaan. Weliswaar hebben de autoriteiten zich bereid verklaard […]
  3. European countries have utterly failed to fulfil their commitments to relocate asylum-seekers from Greece and Italy, Amnesty International said, as the two year period in which asylum-seekers are eligible for the relocation scheme comes to a close on 26 September 2017. “Two years after this scheme was agreed, most EU member states have fundamentally failed […]
  4. The killing of 28-year-old journalist Shantanu Bhowmick in the course of his work in Mandai, Tripura, is another sickening assault on freedom of expression, Amnesty International India said today. “Shantanu Bhowmick’s gruesome murder again exposes the vulnerability of journalists working in difficult situations. The perpetrators must be brought to justice, if more attacks on journalists […]
  5. Research released by Amnesty International today reveals how a shell company in the heart of London’s West End acted as an intermediary in huge prospective arms deals to war-torn South Sudan and other countries, thanks to regulatory gaps which are making the UK a hotspot for companies involved in illicit arms transfers. Commercial documents name […]

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